Competition December 2011

This year, I invited Lee's fans to vote for their favourite Meady moments for inclusion in the Timeline Advent Calendar. There were many more nominations than days available on the calendar, which gave me an idea ... a competition based on those unused 'moments', open to all the wonderful, generous people who have donated to this year's Timeline Advent Appeal in aid of RNIB (currently standing at 95% of target at 475 - but who says we have to stop at target!).

As with most projects I'm involved in, it quickly outgrew the initial idea and I have had a wonderful time trawling the Meady archive (i.e. the Timeline) for suitable material. The result is a competition that I hope will be fun to do as well as bringing back some great memories.

So what do you have to do? Simple ... match a series of audio clips to a picture of the event they come from. There are 41 clips, but I have completed one for you as an example (see the Entry Form below), and they come from TV programmes, concerts, web videos and stage shows. Nearly all the material is available on the Timeline and the few items that aren't have been well documented elsewhere. Some clips are immediately recognisable, some may require a little research, but the pictures provide their own clues and a process of elimination should help you reach the right answers.

Being a competition, there is a prize ... a completely unofficial, very limited-edition (just six copies exist), professionally printed, A3-sized Lee Mead 2012 Calendar, which is really rather gorgeous!

Anyone can have a go for fun, but as originally intended, only those who have donated to the Timeline Appeal will be eligible to win the prize (or prizes ... if enough people have a go, I'll rustle up a couple more).

The CLOSING DATE is 12:00 noon on Sunday 1 January 2012 and entries should be sent by email (link at foot of page), if possible using the official Entry Form (Excel download and viewable PDF links below). If you don't have access to Excel, you can simply include your answers in the email itself, but if you could follow the general format used on the Entry Form, it will make marking much easier.

DOWNLOAD Entry Form (Excel)

VIEW Entry Form (PDF)

As you'll see from the notes on the Entry Form, all you HAVE to do is enter the audio clip number against the appropriate picture number ... however, if you can identify the audio clip (by song title, for example, or in the case of speech, simply 'dialogue' is sufficient), add that too. Similarly with the event (the name of the TV show, for example) and the date on which it occurred (although not every event has an identifiable date). This extra information may be decisive in the event of a tie.




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