Competition Results January 2012

Thanks to all who took part in the inaugural Timeline Competition - I hope you had as much fun (and occasional frustration) completing it as I did putting it together!

Four people successfully matched all the audio clips to the right pictures and it came down to the 'additional information' to decide the winner. It was very, VERY close - the winner scored 39.5 out of a possible 40 points, with the fourth-placed person scoring 38!

So, please join me in congratulating a worthy winner - RosieM - whose prize has gone in the post today. I hope she will enjoy it over the coming months.

I have had a fair few requests for the answers - there is a link to these below - but I have also left the original competition page available for anyone who still wants to have a go for fun.


Finally, may I record my personal thanks to all who have donated to the 2011 Timeline Appeal for RNIB - I'm thrilled to report that the total currently stands at 600, bringing the amount raised by the various Timeline appeals over the past four years to just over 4,000, plus 700 in Gift Aid. You're all completely wonderful!


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