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Skegness Concert .. 25 July 2010
Concert flyer thumbnail At the fourth of Lee's summer concerts, part of the 2010 SO Festival, he delivered all the elements we have come to expect - energy, passion, intensity, feeling, humour, an infectious joy in performing, and the rich, smooth, powerful vocals which have become his trademark ... oh, and some new dance moves I have no adequate words to describe, but they definitely worked for me!

Lovely Niamh Perry was once again there in support, singing four solo numbers, including a beautiful version of Feelin' Good, and duetting with Lee on When the Stars Go Blue.

The original band line-up was back - Duncan Waugh (musical director/first keys), Mike Bennett (lead guitar), Mason Neely (drums), Oroh Angiama (bass) and Carl Hudson (second keys).

I have included the set list on a separate page.

With a strict 'no photography' rule in force, my only offerings this time come from the Stage Door - apologies they are a tad dark and fuzzy but I was standing out of flash range!

But happily, many months after the concert, this beautiful photograph (below left) emerged, courtesy of Lava PR. Click thumbnails to view larger images.

Lee Mead Concert thumbnail - Lava PR Lee Mead Concert thumbnail Lee Mead Concert thumbnail Lee Mead Concert thumbnail Lee Mead Concert thumbnail Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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