2011 Advent Calendar Appeal for Help

I've been in two minds about whether to do another Timeline Advent Calendar this year - traditionally they have taken a look back at the year's Meady memories and there is a relatively limited range of material available from 2011. Plus, I'm short on imagination and even shorter on time!

Anyway, an idea struck me that just might work ... but only with the help of Lee's legion of fans!

What I'd like you to do is tell me your favourite Meady performance - it can be anything from TV, radio, theatre or concert, from Lee's first appearance on Any Dream Will Do in March 2007 to now. All votes will be recorded and the top 25 (for which I have material available) will be featured in a countdown of Fans' Favourte Memories.

A couple of thoughts:

  • those of you who are familiar with the Timeline Advent Calendar will know that it usually consists of some visuals (either stills or video) and a sound clip for each day. Obviously some Meady moments have no such material available to me - there are, for instance, very limited visuals from Lee's stage (theatrical) performances, though more from his concerts. So you may wish to have a flick through the Timeline to see whether there is anything I can use to support your 'moment'.

  • it's entirely up to you what you choose (and I appreciate that choosing just ONE performance is not easy ... why do you think I'm asking for your help on this?!), but I'm rather hoping that it unearths some hidden gems, those infrequently heard/seen items that completely blew us away when they happened

If you've never seen the Advent Calendar - the previous years are still available, just go to 1 December each year on the Timeline Index for the links. There will be an appeal as usual, although I haven't decided yet on this year's charity - sadly though, there won't be any prize draws this year, I'm all out of prizes after last year!

So, get thinking ... but don't take too long, I'll need your answers by Friday 25 November at the latest please - I need to know the top 25 by that weekend if I'm to have anything ready for 1 December!

And when you've made your choice, just click HERE to email me - I'd like to preserve the element of surprise, so please ... no public replies on Twitter or forums!


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