not quite an Advent Calendar 1 Dec 2012

Sadly there will be no Timeline Advent Calendar this year, real life is imposing itself just a little too firmly for me to have the time and energy to devote to it.

But I couldn't do nothing at all, so instead there will be a trimmed-down, Twitter-based 'on this day' trawl through Decembers past.

If you're not already following @leemeadtimeline, it's just two clicks away - the Birdie, then Follow! If you're not on Twitter, in my view you're missing out, but you needn't miss out on this bit of festive fun as you can still read the Timeline's tweets by clicking the Birdie.

twitter / LeeMeadTimeline

I can't run an appeal off the back of such meagre offerings, but should you be feeling particularly charitable, a number of the Timeline's previous appeals are still open on Just Giving and any of the causes would be very grateful for your support. To donate, click on any of the links below.


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