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Any Dream Will Do : Week 4 .. 21 April 2007
With the first Joseph already voted out, the boys have to prove their acting skills this week - and Lee shows them how it's done!

Opening number: A new week, a new Joseph number to open with...
Mission: The first of the 'missions' that were to become a feature of the series - designed to test and develop different aspects of the boys' skill sets, this one gave them a chance to perform live to a crowd of screaming teenagers!
Lee's VT: A glimpse into Lee's background with comments from his Mum and Dad.
Lee's solo: And we really start to see how Lee can act a song... a quality that puts his performance on another level to the other boys.
Judges' comments: I think they liked it...
Group number: The jeans and t-shirts look makes its debut... we were to see a variety of colours and designs over the weeks, a look that was more flattering to some of the boys than to others!
Podcast: Lee maintains his focus and contemplates leaving his comfort zone with the pop song he'll be tackling on the next live show.

Screencaps from the show

Video / Audio Opening number (Joseph's Coat)
Video Lee's VT
Video / Audio Lee's solo (Bad Day)
Video Judges' comments
Video / Audio Group number (Pinball Wizard)
Video Mission (McFly Fishing)
Podcast Podcast
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