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Any Dream Will Do : Week 5 .. 28 April 2007
A double eviction this week as the stakes are raised for the residents of the Joseph house!

Opening number: The boys continue to work through the, admittedly fairly limited, Joseph repertoire...
Lee's VT: Beeb editing sets up a 'battle' between Lee and Daniel...
Lee's solo: Another fabulous acting performance from Lee, not to diminish his considerable vocal talents in any way!
Judges' comments: "You have broken so many millions of hearts tonight..."
Group number: T-shirt watch... pale blue, v-neck, sequinned? Nah...
Mission: An important test - how would those bods look in the loincloth Joseph spends much of his time on stage wearing?
Podcast: Lee's under the weather but battling on...

Screencaps from the show

Video / Audio Opening number (Go Go Go Joseph)
Video Lee's VT
Video / Audio Lee's solo (I Don't Wanna Talk About It)
Video Judges' comments
Video / Audio Group number (One Vision)
Video Mission (Loincloths)
Video Podcast
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