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Any Dream Will Do : Week 7 .. 12 May 2007
Talk about a triumphant comeback! I was totally blown away by Lee's performance this week - it left no room in my mind for doubt, he was going to win! So convinced was I of this, that I bought my first ticket for Joseph after this show, vowing to ceremoniously burn it on the steps of the Adelphi if he didn't!

Opening number: The group gets ever smaller...
Lee's VT: Encouragement from John Barrowman and a good talking to himself and a lighter-hearted Lee emerges...
Lee's solo: Stunning performance... is all.
Judges' comments: Yep, they thought so too... "Lee, you are everything I look for in a performer"
Outing: A quick trip to the real world of theatre for inspiration...
Group number: Better t-shirts, slightly frantic choreography, that knee-drop not for everyone...!
Mission: Mr Barrowman takes the boys through their acting paces...
Podcast: Happy Lee... focusing on 'Joseph body' and wanting "them all to go home so I can win"!

Screencaps from the show

Video / Audio Opening number (One More Angel in Heaven)
Video Lee's VT
Video / Audio Lee's solo (Leave Right Now)
Video Judges' comments
Video / Audio Group number (You Really Got Me)
Video Outing (Dirty Dancing)
Video Mission (Acting 101)
Video Podcast
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