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Any Dream Will Do : Week 9 .. 26 May 2007
A lighter Lee is evident this week as he is given the Monkees' 'Daydream Believer' to sing. And it's been a very busy week - two group numbers, a high-flying task, and another astonishing performance as Lee is chosen to sing with guest star, Josh Groban.

Opening number: Down to five now, the opening number is getting a little sparse... and some voices can definitely be heard clearer than others!
Lee's VT: Lee channels childhood memories of his nan taking him to their local theatre to find 'dreamer Lee'...
Lee's solo: You want light and fluffy, I can give you light and fluffy... is there anything Lee can't do?
Judges' comments: "I think the West End is in need of Lee Mead!"
First group number: Love the dancing in this one... (from some of the boys anyway!)
Second group number: Dark, brooding... floats my boat!
Duet VT: I've recently heard Keith explain why this song means so much to him and can understand better his reaction at the time - all the other boys must have been gutted to miss out on this opportunity!
Duet with Josh Groban: Fabulous performance, so glad it was Lee who was chosen!
Clip: Someone has too much time on their hands. Task: Doubtless scary (and exhilarating) to do, but funny to watch.
Podcast: Lee may have tapped into his less serious side but he remains 100% focused on the task ahead of him!

Screencaps Part 1 - Opener to Daydream Believer
Screencaps Part 2 - VT, task and Group numbers
Screencaps Part 3 - You Raise Me Up and results

Video / Audio Opening number (Pharaoh's Story)
Video Lee's VT
Video / Audio Lee's solo (Daydream Believer)
Video Judges' comments
Video / Audio Group number (Do You Love Me)
Video / Audio Group number (Born To Be Wild)
Video Duet VT
Video / Audio Duet with Josh Groban (You Raise Me Up)
Video Bonus hi-res version of Duet (You Raise Me Up)
Video Clip (Curse of the Coat)
Video Mission (Head for Heights)
Video Podcast
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