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Any Dream Will Do : Week 10 .. 2 June 2007
The Semi-Final - just four remain now and the tension is high ... and that's just for the viewers at home, heaven knows how the boys are feeling!

Opening number: Down to the final four... just one more to go out this week and then it's crunch-time!
Lee's VT: "I think everyone dreams of that one moment where they can show the world what they can do and, for me, this programme has been that chance..."
Lee's solo: A number that doesn't entirely play to Lee's strengths, but as always he gives 100% to the performance.
Judges' comments: Zoe picks up on a moment where things didn't go completely to plan, but Andrew counters by saying how brilliantly he covered the slip, an essential skill in a live performer.
Duet VT: Working with the composer in this way must be quite an experience...
Duet with Lewis: Lee seems to bring out the best in Lewis in this duet from Evita.
Judges' duet comments: Andrew is impressed with how both have taken his notes on board.
Group number: Loving Lee in lilac... and the four of them do a good job of a tough song.
Outing: As they near the prize, another visit to a West End show to sharpen the appetite!
Podcast: "I'm one step away..."

Screencaps Part 1 - Opener to Living on a Prayer
Screencaps Part 2 - the rest!

Video / Audio Opening number (Joseph's Coat)
Video Lee's VT
Video / Audio Lee's solo (Living On A Prayer)
Video Judges' comments
Video Duet VT
Video / Audio Duet with Lewis (Oh What A Circus)
Video Judges' duet comments
Video / Audio Group number (Under Pressure)
Video Outing (Lord of the Rings)
Video Podcast
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