ADWD on BBC America 29 March 2009

As Lee finally leaves Joseph behind and moves on to new and exciting projects, his path to the role is about to be re-lived in the US on cable channel BBC America.

There was a website to accompany the series (now removed), on which we found this previously unseen picture of Lee.

Video links: The trailers feature only brief glimpses of Lee, but are interesting to watch if only for the deliberately misleading editing, with judges' comments for one contestant apparently being delivered to another!

Trailer 1 and Trailer 2 - screened ahead of the first two-hour 'premiere' episode (UK weeks 1 & 2),
airing almost exactly two years after the first episode of Any Dream Will Do on UK TV in 2007

Trailer 3 - for the first 'live' show, broadcast on BBC America on 5 April (UK week 3)
Trailer 4 - advertising the marathon 'catch-up' of the first three episodes
Trailer 5 - for the fourth live show, featuring 'barricade boot camp' (UK week 6)
Trailer 6 - for the fifth live show, featuring the 'acting mission' (UK week 7)
Trailer 7 - for the sixth live show, featuring the 'seduction mission' (UK week 8)


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