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BBC London Live Session .. 6 July 2014
Lee joined Gaby Roslin in the studio for the whole of her three hour Sunday show for BBC London on 6 July - ahead of the next date on his 2014 tour at the Beck Theatre in Hayes (just 30 minutes or so by public transport from central London!) on Sunday 20 July.

Kicking off the show with a stunning live version of Hallalujah, accompanied by his musical director, Mason Neely, on guitar, he left Gaby and his fellow guests all but speechless. Contributing to conversations with other guests along the way, tasting food and appreciating in his turn live music from James (Star Sailor) Walsh, he also sang twice more - first Bring Him Home from Les Miserables, and later Father and Son. All three songs are included in his current tour set and the reaction in the studio was a familiar one to those of us lucky enough to have seen them performed live - though I can only imagine the impact of that voice, that delivery, in the intimate space of a radio studio. Gaby closed the show with a longer chat to Lee, focusing on his tour and memories of Any Dream Will Do and its impact on his life.

If you didn't catch it live, the whole show is more than worth a listen. There was a great mix of guests - I thought Jo Hartley's comments on acting and preparing for a part must have struck a particular chord with Lee, echoing as they did comments he has made in the past - and a highly-skilled presenter in Gaby Roslin, bringing the whole together with a warm and engaging style that draws the listeners in like so that they almost feel they're in the room.

BBC London (94.9FM) - LISTEN AGAIN (available until Sunday 13 July) - Lee's live performances are at c.6m, 1h:4m and 2h:3m with the interview at c.2h41m, but if you have time, do listen to the whole show.

You can also download the following:
- Meady bits edit (c.34 mins)
- Hallelujah
- Bring Him Home
- Father and Son

Gaby was lovely to and about Lee during the show - this tweet sums up beautifully:

Your singing today was honestly outstanding. What a voice & what a good kind sweet man you are. Thanks for being on today @leemeadofficial

— Gaby Roslin (@GabyRoslin) July 6, 2014
First published: 6 July 2014