BBC Radio Guernsey 6 July 2012

Lee spoke at length to Jenny Kendall-Tobias for BBC Radio Guernsey's morning show about bringing his new show 'The West End Men' to Guernsey on 28/29 July and much more besides. They covered a lot of ground in a lovely chat lasting over 20 minutes, including the exciting news that he leaves in August for a 10 week trip to America, where he is signed to a new manager, to explore film and TV opportunities there. Jenny mentioned that Lee has also provisionally agreed (subject to schedule) to joining her live in the BBC Guernsey studio for the Late Show when he arrives on the island on Friday 27 July. The show airs from 10pm ...

After her chat with Lee, Jenny also spoke to one of the producers of West End Men, Paul Morrissey of Milton Morrissey Productions. It was another interesting interview, giving more insight into the show itself and publicising the opportunity for Guernsey singers to be part of a choir being formed specially to support the West End Men's two Guernsey concerts. He also had some really lovely things to say about Lee.

BBC Radio Guernsey - Lee Mead - DOWNLOAD
BBC Radio Guernsey - Paul Morrissey - DOWNLOAD


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