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BBC Radio Wales .. 1 August 2014
Lee Mead on BBC Radio Wales Lee popped into BBC Radio Wales earlier today to record this interview with Wynne Evans for his Friday afternoon 'Big Welsh Weekend' show.

It seems they both enjoyed the experience, even 'workshopping' Casualty The Musical... the lyrics to Any Dream Will Do start so promisingly for a scene set in the ED, with talk of curtains and weeping, though substituting the colours of the coat with a litany of injuries soon had it taking a darker turn!

You can hear the outcome here...

listen to ‘"Any Nurse Will Do" - @wynneevans @leemeadofficial do @BBCCasualty: The Musical’ on Audioboo

... but fun and games aside, the whole is well worth a listen...

BBC Radio Wales - Wynne Evans's Big Welsh Weekend

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