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Holby City : S19 Ep 33 .. 23 May 2017
Lee Mead 'Holby City' - May 2017 SERIES 19, EPISODE 33 - ENIGMA

We have yet to see Lofty's first episode, though the Press and other promo has kicked in to high gear with less than a week to go. But Lee has spoken on a number of occasions of his return storyline running across two episodes, so it is good to see (a) how far up the cast list he is for his second episode, and (b) a synopsis that takes Lofty into darker territory, for that is where we often saw Lee's best work when he was in Casualty.

UPDATE: There have been some MASSIVE spoilers for this episode - if you want to read them, check out the Press round-up and if you don't, be sure to tune in at 8pm Tuesday to watch or avoid all social media from then until you can!

Synopses: Two variants, depending on your choice of reading matter...
Entirely Holby When a friend from Lofty's past is admitted to Keller, Lofty is forced to confront his colourful past. He soon realises that he can't ignore his demons and needs to put things right in order to get his life back on track and move on.
Radio Times Lofty is unexpectedly confronted with his past and realises that he has to come to terms with the life-changing choices he has made, while Mo is ecstatic to be offered Jac's job. Having spectacularly fallen out with her half- sister, a mortified Jasmine tries to piece together her drunken escapades from the night before.

Check out the Timeline's HOLBY & CASUALTY INDEX for all the latest Meady Holby news and episode info.

Last updated: 22 May 2017
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