Isle of Wight Radio 20 January 2013

Lee chats to John Hannam for his Isle of Wight Radio Sunday afternoon show - the interview was recorded during the interval of Jack and the Beanstalk towards the end of its hugely successful four-week run.

They covered a lot of ground and it was a credit to both John's preparation and Lee's relaxed manner that there was no hint of the time pressure under which they were talking. John interweaved several tracks into the final edit, but I like that he recorded the intros live with Lee. Good to hear something of Lee's plans (nothing confirmed yet!) and hopes for the coming months - a return to LA for auditions in March, more West End Men concerts, a fourth album and third solo UK tour by year end and a possible second Japanese tour in 2014. Lovely too to hear again the beautifully silky "Make It With You" from Lee's first eponymous album.

Isle of Wight Radio, John Hannam Meets... - Lee Mead - DOWNLOAD


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