Timeline Appeal 17 January 2010
This item has now been sold and I'm delighted to report it raised 51 for Help For Heroes bringing the current total to over 700
- my thanks to everyone who bid.

The background ... I thought it would be appropriate to mark the occasion of Lee's highly impressive drama debut in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and I asked the lovely people at the Theatre Royal in Windsor if I might have one of the production posters at the end of the run.

The poster they gave me had hung on the rear wall of the Box Office all week (as evidenced by the drawing pin holes in each corner!) and Lee kindly signed it outside the Stage Door after the final show on Saturday 16 January ... in the pouring rain (it really was very, very wet out there)!

As a result, the poster was sadly a tad crumpled and, with nowhere dry to either fully unfurl it or to rest it for signing, the signature was not the neatest on record but this, in my view, only confirmed its authenticity and added to its unique charm ;)

I decided to go ahead therefore with my original plan of auctioning the poster, so this unique piece of Meady memorabilia was listed on Ebay with 100% of the sale proceeds going direct to Help For Heroes.

I should add that I was able to tell Lee of the funds raised so far (then standing at over 600) at the Stage Door and he was, as always, very appreciative of the generosity and thoughtfulness of his fans.


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