Legally Blonde News! 17 March 2011

Lee is making a habit of taking his fans by surprise with news of his next roles ... and this was no different. After talk in recent interviews of keeping six months in his diary clear for TV/film work or a play, and of his next musical possibly being the long-awaited Bolan project, news broke today that he will take over the role of Emmet in Legally Blonde in mid-June.

The role has been played by Alex Gaumond since the show opened in 2009 and he was due to leave when Lee's wife, Denise, does on 23rd April, but has extended his contract until Lee joins on 20th June. Lee is contracted until 8 October 2011 and the following holiday dates have been published, but please remember holidays can be subject to change:

Saturday 16 July to Wednesday 20 July
Monday 8 August to Friday 12 August
Thursday 6 October (matinee only)

My warmest congratulations to Lee - I love the show and really look forward to seeing his take on the role. Lee himself is characteristically excited at the prospect, replying to a tweet asking if it was true with: "Yes it is true. - I'm very excited to be going into the show. It's a great part."

Legally Blonde is at the Savoy Theatre on The Strand, almost opposite the Adelphi, an area with which many of Lee's fans are already very familiar!

For more information about the musical itself, show times, etc., check out their website:

For tickets, either follow the link from there, or go direct to:
Ambassador Tickets (the 'official' Box Office for the Savoy).

For the record, I include links to a couple of the press articles which carried the news:


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