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BBC local radio .. 18 February 2016
Lee Mead new album, February 2016 We learned of today's five interviews (which I believe were all recorded 'down the phone' during Lee's mammoth session at BBC Broadcasting House yesterday) via Twitter - how did we manage before Twitter?

My tip for 'airplay' is to listen to the BBC Radio Northampton interview which will, without a doubt, leave you feeling good ;-) But though all the interviews cover much of the same ground, they each have their own charms and are worth a listen. You can also find the "more from Lee" referred to at the end of the BBC Radio Suffolk interview HERE.

BBC Radio Northampton - Bernie Keith
LISTEN AGAIN (available until 19 March, starts 2h 41:29) or below

BBC Radio Stoke - Stuart Ellis
LISTEN AGAIN (available until 19 March, starts 0h 30:35) or below

BBC Radio Bristol - Claire Cavanagh
LISTEN AGAIN (available until 19 March, starts 0h 13:56) or below

BBC Radio Kent - Dominic King
LISTEN AGAIN (available until 19 March, starts 0h 14:55) or below

BBC Radio Suffolk - Stephen Foster
LISTEN AGAIN (available until 19 March. starts 1h 15:55) or below

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