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Robin Hood Last Night .. 25 January 2014
Lee Mead and cast of Robin Hood Lee's second panto was nothing less than a riot of fun from start to finish. With archery competitions, sword-fights, campfire-singing, spider-slaying and damsel rescuing, not to mention escaping the very jaws of death at the hands of arch-baddie, Nigel Havers, Lee's Robin Hood was action-packed and full of surprises.

Egged on by Bobby Davro, whose vocal impressions were quite brilliant, Lee even revealed a previously hidden talent for impersonating James Blunt! With laughter never far from the surface on stage, let alone in the audience, the beaming smiles on the faces of young and old as they left the theatre were testament to the show's success.

Lee has often spoken in interviews about the joy of panto, which he not only finds great fun to do, but which he relishes as a form of theatre like no other in its ability to entertain all ages from grandparents to toddlers and everyone in between. That was very definitely the case in Plymouth and I'm already looking forward to seeing the next chapter in Lee's panto story!

The last night on 25 January brought to an end the ridiculously hectic schedule of twelve shows a week, and was attended not only by its usual local Plymouth audience but by fans from all over the country (and even beyond its borders!). I share below a few photos of the 'walkdown' and bows from that final show, with grateful thanks to the lovely Anne Stern. You can see more production photos on the Press Night page.
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