Local radio tour February 2009

Lee moves onto eastern England and we enjoy a number of interviews recorded here and earlier in the week, plus a live link-up with Radio Essex.

Thursday 19th Feb

11.35 Touch FM (Kenilworth) - Louisa Allen (pre-recorded)  DOWNLOAD
13.00 BBC Radio Lincolnshire - Maria Richmond (pre-recorded)  DOWNLOAD
14.15 BBC Radio Essex - The Afternoon Show with Phil Meacham (phone interview)  DOWNLOAD
16.50 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Antonia Brickell's Drivetime (pre-recorded)  DOWNLOAD

Top right: Lee with Maria Richmond at Radio Lincolnshire
Right: Lee with Louisa Allen at Touch FM

The album is available to buy from:

Below: Lee at Radio Cambridgeshire, left - with presenter Antonia Brickell,
right - with producer, Sam, and Antonia.

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