Charity Concert 25 October 2009

To celebrate its 75th Anniversary and its unique history, the PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund was proud to present a very special fund-raising concert.

On October 25th at 7.30pm, Lee and a whole host of stars performed for the Fund at London's Royal Albert Hall.

More info and an Image Gallery can be found at the event website: Helping the Heart of Music

PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund is a registered charity that provides assistance to members and ex-members of the Performing Rights Society and their families.

In a piece on Community Newswire Lee has said of the concert:

"I'm thrilled to be involved. The show will be quite unique and as it's for such a good cause I immediately agreed when they asked me to take part.

The PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund does such good work for its community of musicians and artists, it's a terrific role model. This fund does such an important job and has helped so many people in times of stress, whether it's illness, hard times or just a one off crisis.

On the night I'll be singing a Marc Bolan number which is great honour since Marc had an outstanding catalogue of songs and left the fund a share of his royalties in order to help his fellow musicians."

Lee opened the second half of this fabulous concert, singing not one, but two Marc Bolan numbers - 20th Century Boy and I Love to Boogie - and rocking the house!

Video links:
20th Century Boy - with thanks to Leanne
The End - with thanks to MargW

Audio downloads:
20th Century Boy
I Love To Boogie

Video downloads:
The performance - huge thanks to Auds for her fabulous video (now turned right way up!)
The end - many thanks too to BT, whose vid of Lee during the 'curtain call' replaces my earlier feeble effort!

Programme and final flyer:

Photos from the 'curtain call':

A finally a few Screencaps from that 'curtain call' video!


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