Rhydian Concert 10 May 2009

Those lucky enough to be at Rhydian's concert at the Bristol Hippodrome on Sunday 10 May were treated to a surprise guest appearance from Lee. They earned a standing ovation with their performance of 'You Raise Me Up'.


Photo credits: left - Geoff and Fay; centre and right - Brummiebabe.

Video links:
Video 1 from grazi26 - unfortunately they are rarely both in frame together so the video naturally concentrates on Rhydian (it being a Rhydian concert!), but Lee's voice can be clearly heard!

Video 2 from Rhydianstar - starts from the beginning of Lee's bit, includes more close ups and Rhydian's chat (about Lee) at the end of the song.

Video 3 from RoseAnngie - the best footage yet (from a Lee fan's perspective!)

Audio download:


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