Various radio 23 January 2012

Thanks to the presenter, James Hoggarth, for tweeting that he'd be chatting to Lee on his evening show for BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Lincolnshire and to a Google Alert for the heads-up about an interview earlier in the day with Andy Potter for BBC Radio Derby - with a pre-order link for the new album also emerging during the evening, it's been quite a day!.

I can only assume that Andy Potts hadn't received his promo CD because we were treated to Any Dream Will Do and the lovely surprise of More Than Words to close, which for once I have let run through, while James played Anthem and ... Any Dream Will Do (again...!) both of which you can hear if listening again, but I've edited them out of the chat.

BBC Radio Derby - Andy Potts DOWNLOAD

BBC Radio Humberside - James Hoggarth DOWNLOAD


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