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West End Men on Ventura .. October 2013
Concert flyer The West End Men took to the seas to perform three concerts on board P&O Cruiseship Ventura, which sailed from Southampton on 29 September 2013 for The Canaries. The Men flew to Lisbon to join the ship for the final days of the cruise, arriving back in Southampton on Friday 11 October.

Joining Lee in the line-up were Glenn Carter and David Thaxton, last all seen together on stage during the West End Men's London season at the Vaudeville Theatre in June.

Despite a small technical hitch which delayed Lee's arrival on ship and held up its departure from Lisbon for an hour, I have seen glowing reports of the concerts:

"We had tickets for the the West End Men show. What a real treat this was. They were fantastic. By far the best ever entertainment we have ever seen on P&O. A fantastic ending to the cruise."

"The evening entertainment was the best we have ever experienced on any cruise line including Princess, Cunard and indeed P&O themselves. The highlight for us was The West End Men Show featuring Lee Mead."

Thanks to Glenn - @gl3nnc4rt3r - for tweeting these photos from rehearsals (before departure) and soundcheck (on board):
Rehearsals thumbnail Rehearsals thumbnail Soundcheck thumbnail Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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