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Skegness Concert .. 25 July 2010
At the fourth of Lee's summer concerts, part of the 2010 SO Festival, he delivered all the elements we have come to expect - energy, passion, intensity, feeling, humour, an infectious joy in performing, and the rich, smooth, powerful vocals which have become his trademark ... oh, and some new dance moves I have no adequate words to describe, but they definitely worked for me!

Lovely Niamh Perry was once again there in support, singing four solo numbers, including a beautiful version of Feelin' Good, and duetting with Lee on When the Stars Go Blue.

The original band line-up was back - Duncan Waugh (musical director/first keys), Mike Bennett (lead guitar), Mason Neely (drums), Oroh Angiama (bass) and Carl Hudson (second keys).

I have included the set list on a separate page.

With a strict 'no photography' rule in force, my only offerings this time come from the Stage Door - apologies they are a tad dark and fuzzy but I was standing out of flash range!

But happily, many months after the concert, this beautiful photograph (below left) emerged, courtesy of Lava PR.

Lee Mead Live - Skegness, Jul 2010 (Lava PR) Lee Mead Live - Skegness, Jul 2010 Lee Mead Live - Skegness, Jul 2010 Lee Mead Live - Skegness, Jul 2010 Lee Mead Live - Skegness, Jul 2010 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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