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Various radio interviews .. 16 January 2012
As the promotion kicks in ahead of the release of Lee's new album 'Love Songs' on 6 February and UK Tour starting 11 February, we are treated to several radio interviews and some great airplay for the new album.

Lee tweeted towards the end of the day that he'd spent seven hours in a (very cold!) booth at BBC Western House doing radio promo - so I'm guessing we've either missed a few today and/or there's more to come over the coming days and weeks.

Up first at just after 11am, a lovely interview with Judi Spiers for her morning show on BBC Radio Devon - well researched and focused on exactly the things we wanted to hear about, it brought us confirmation that 'Sail Away' (sung at the Bath concert on 5 November last) will be on the album, and news of a previously unmentioned track which I, personally, am very excited about - 'Hallelujah'.

BBC Radio Devon - Judi Spiers

And later, two more great interviews - the first for with Rupal Rajani for BBC Radio Leicester and the second with Andrew Edwards for BBC Radio Leeds, the latter in particular offering some insights into Lee's thoughts about his music, his acting and how it all slots together. If you're 'Listening Again' you'll hear The Garden on BBC Radio Leicester, then Falling Slowly and Anthem on BBC Radio Leeds. The audio files below are edited down to the chat only.

BBC Radio Leicester - Rupal Rajani

BBC Radio Leeds - Andrew Edwards

And finally (unless you know different), an interview with Phil Molyneux for BBC Radio in the South (aired on Kent, Solent and Sussex) and another play for 'Anthem' (entirely fitting in the middle of the show's musical theatre segment) ... I love the 'cracking bloke' comment at the end!

BBC Radio in the South - Phil Molyneux

Much, much later, in the summer of 2016 in fact, I stumbled across this interview with Kirsty Bucknell for Somer Valley FM recorded during this busy week of radio promo for the Love Songs album and tour which I hadn't previously heard. I'm not sure on what date it was originally broadcast, so I include it here:

Somer Valley FM - Kirsty Bucknell

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