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Holby City : S19 Ep 32 .. 16 May 2017
Lee Mead 'Holby City' - S19 E32 Project Aurous, May 2017 SERIES 19, EPISODE 32 - PROJECT AUROUS

Lofty's travels were lengthy (though happily Lee's real-life travels in the meantime with stage and music activities were highly enjoyable), but his return was absolutely worth the wait.

Lee's first Holby City episode aired on BBC One on 16 May and found Lofty returned from his travels and putting in some agency shifts to boost his bank balance so he could return again to Australia. But despite a trip up or two along the way, and thanks to a pep talk from ED buddy, Robyn (Amanda Henderson making a cross-over guest appearance from Casualty), he soon changed his mind about staying...

It was an absolute delight to see Lofty again and Lee seemed to re-inhabit the character with ease. That he was simultaneously both comfortably familiar and subtly changed is a credit to the writing and direction and, of course, to Lee's acting skills. It seems he's grown (and maybe grown up a bit) as a person during his travels, and that can only be a good thing for future storylines.

Synopsis: Jac's job and livelihood are at risk when a mystery patient arrives on Darwin and seeks her help, while a short-staffed Keller welcomes a new face to the team. Elsewhere, a distracted Oliver has his mind preoccupied with a special surprise for Zosia, leaving Fletch overloaded.

The full episode will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer until Friday 16 June and, with my apologies to those of the cast who have hit the cutting room floor, below is the 'Meady bits' edit! There are screencaps too...

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Last updated: 20 May 2017
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