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Holby City : S20 Ep 17 .. 24 April 2018

I love seeing Lee in panto, so I'm never going to grumble too much when his Christmas filming break takes him off screen for several weeks in the Spring, but it is SO good to have him back.

And this week, David Ames is also on the cast list, and with a 'headline' of "Dominic's romantic bliss is shattered when he's confronted by a ghost from the past", I think it's safe to say his and Lofty's relationship has moved on somewhat since we last saw them together. Not plain sailing just yet though... that's not Holby's style!

UPDATE: With spoilers and the official trailer now out, I'm even more excited to see this episode - read more at What's On TV!

The episode will be broadcast on BBC One at 8pm on Tuesday 24 April (10.45pm in Scotland).

Synopsis: Dominic fears his relationship with Lofty is already doomed when a series of bad omens send him spiralling into self-loathing, shutting everyone out. Can Dominic finally let go of the past and accept his friends' love?

Meanwhile, an old flame shows up on Frieda's doorstep, wounded, and she is forced to choose between helping him or saving a desperate patient. What - and who - will Frieda risk for the love of her life? And Sacha can't help but feel inadequate when Hanssen returns to Keller to work under him.

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Published: 12/04/2018; last updated: 17/04/2018
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