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Holby City .. 19 November 2019
Lee Mead as Nurse 'Lofty' Chiltern on Holby City S21-E47 : WE ARE ALL THE STARS

"A tragic event"... that sounds ominous. Assuming (which I accept is dangerous in terms of Holby plot lines!) it's baby-related, it makes me wonder whether the whole cheating arc contributes no more than short-term drama for a pair who have had more than enough of that already. I hope I'm wrong, and there are longer-term implications that allow the relationship to develop rather than constantly circle the drain.

The episode airs on Tuesday 19 November 2019, at 8.00pm on BBC One (10.35pm BBC One Scotland).

Lee Mead as Nurse 'Lofty' Chiltern on Holby City Synopsis: When a brave Helen admits her true feelings, Lofty gently lets her down but paints a beautiful picture of what their future will look like, but neither is prepared for a tragic event which tears their world apart. A troubled Elliot tries to rally support for Jac ahead of Darwin's Mortality and Morbidity review, but with Jac out of sorts today are the cards already stacked against her? When an acquaintance from Xavier's past is admitted to Holby and prickles his conscience, it causes Xavier to evaluate his working relationship with Donna.

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Published: 29/10/2019; last updated: 07/11/2019
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