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Any excuse will do .. 10 August 2009
In the midst of a Meady desert with not even a decent mirage on the horizon, I figured any excuse would do to post something new, so to celebrate the second anniversary of my own first trip to Joseph, I've put together a slideshow of scrum pics ...

Lee Mead, Joseph 'scrum' slideshow, Aug 2007 - Jan 2009 I'm afraid I've been even more self-indulgent than just the personal anniversary - the photos are all my own too (well, all except one, but that was taken on my camera by a trusted accomplice!). I've included one, and only one, from each set of scrum photos I have ... and no, you can't add them up to work out how many times I went to the show! Not every show was followed by a scrum and not every scrum featured here followed a show I'd been at - it was always so tempting to drop by when I was in town for another show!

So, I hope you enjoy this wee womble down memory lane ... and I feel sure we'll all be storing up new memories very, very soon!

Published: 10/08/2009
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