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Lee Mead album release .. 19 November 2007
Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead's eponymous debut album was released on 19 November 2007 with a live performance and signing event at HMV Oxford Street and many TV and radio interviews, details of which you'll also find on the Timeline.

There was a certain logic to the choice of David Essex cover 'Gonna Make You A Star' as the first single, given Lee's own path to stardom, and there would surely have been outcry had what many consider to be his 'break-through' song on the path to winning BBC's Any Dream Will Do casting show, 'Paint It Black', not also found a place on the album. But there is much more to this album - a haunting cover of the Sugababes' 'Stronger', the anthemic 'All That You Know' (which to this day I would dearly love to hear Lee sing live), and a new track 'When I Need You The Most' written for Lee by Gary Barlow, who had this to say about it:

"I wrote this song with Wayne Hector and Jorgen Elofsson in 2003 at Delamere studios. Since then I've been searching for an artist to do it justice. Every Saturday night my kids would tune in to watch Joseph. As you all know Lee won and when I heard he was making an album I sent this song to him. He loved it and a few weeks later I heard the finished record. - Super!"  (Source: www.garybarlow.com)

The full track-listing is shown on the CD booklet images below and in Discography where you'll also find lyrics for all tracks.
Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 Lee Mead - Lee Mead, 2007 The album can still be bought from Amazon (though occasionally in short supply - also check Ebay!) and the original TV ad below gives a lovely taster of the material.

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