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Aylesbury Concert .. 7 November 2010
Lee Mead Live - Aylesbury, Nov 2010 Lee's Aylesbury concert was his first visit to the town, and one of the first shows to grace the stage of the beautiful, new Waterside Theatre. He and his band (the original line-up reunited for the first time in a little while) played his usual set in the usual order (after a small...ish scheduling shuffle last time out). But 'usual' is no sort of word to describe this extraordinary singer ... he delivers so much more than just a string of well-sung, well-chosen songs.

Niamh Perry, Lee's guest singer, was on great form and their duet of 'One' gets stronger every time they sing it - I just love that song! My personal highlight on this occasion was 'Holding On To Letting Go' - I have never heard Lee sing it better and it broke down a defensive wall I didn't even know I'd built around some very precious memories, emotional but cathartic!

Then there were the lighter moments ... the mic stand knocked flat by a spinning Meady in 'Any Dream Will Do', the 'in-ears' ripped out and thrown to the wings (much to the sound guy's horror) when Lee, eager to return to the stage after the interval, bounded on before he was 'wired up'!

The chatty interludes were as relaxed as ever and Lee excitedly told us all about his big London gig at the Coliseum on 19 December - that will be a night to remember, I have no doubt, both for him and for his ever-growing fanbase.

As always, I include the full setlist along with a bonus or two! And finally, a few photos (taken on the slant and without flash, so apologies for quality) - click on any below to view full Gallery.
Lee Mead Live - Aylesbury, Nov 2010 Lee Mead Live - Aylesbury, Nov 2010 Lee Mead Live - Aylesbury, Nov 2010 Lee Mead Live - Aylesbury, Nov 2010 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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