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Birmingham Concert .. 4 December 2010
Lee Mead Live - Birmingham, Dec 2010 For the first time, Lee had concerts scheduled on consecutive nights and after a fantastic gig in Northampton, I wondered how Birmingham could possibly top it ... but it so did! The first half was good, but the second half was something else ... should think Lee had a couple of cans of Red Bull AND three shredded wheat in the interval!

He was of course backed by his band - with Oroh returning to complete the regular line-up - and supported by the lovely Niamh Perry, who treated us to a new and quite beautiful addition to her set list with 'Make You Feel My Love'.

Another treat was in store from Lee ... rather than simply talking about his role in Wicked, he sang his solo 'Dancing Through Life', just about managing not to dance, at least until he'd finished singing! It was a joy to hear him sing this 'full-on', giving all his breath and energy to his voice ... stunning.

But even that was not the highlight ... no, that was without a doubt the most phenomenal performance (and I do mean performance) of Jesus Christ Superstar I have ever seen, from Lee or anyone else. As we leapt to our feet at the end to give him the ovation he so richly deserved, I turned to my seat buddy and said 'was that an audition or what?!' ... even Lee commented afterwards that he'd love to be in the show some day, pondering 'Jesus or Judas'. The audience consensus seemed to be Judas!

Anyway, I'm waffling ... it was simply a wonderful evening. Click for the full setlist, along with a few extras I hope you will enjoy.

But first, with grateful thanks to Abs ... some photos - click on any below to view the full Gallery.
Lee Mead Live - Birmingham, Dec 2010 Lee Mead Live - Birmingham, Dec 2010 Lee Mead Live - Birmingham, Dec 2010 Lee Mead Live - Birmingham, Dec 2010 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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