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Buxton Concert .. 12 September 2010
Lee's Buxton concert was, in the author's humble opinion, his best yet - everything fell into place to make the evening very special. Starting with the venue, the beautifully restored Opera House in the charming Derbyshire town of Buxton, the company of some very dear friends (OK, so that's a personal rather than a collective tick in the box, but given how many of Lee's loyal fanbase had travelled to this concert, I think many were in the same happy position), and then, of course, there was the man himself!

From his first concert in Southend back in May, Lee has performed with a passion and confidence which belied his lack of experience in fronting gigs, showing a natural rapport with the audience that has won him many new fans. The fantastic response he has received from audiences wherever he has ventured - to him performing as 'Lee' rather than in character - seems to have fuelled that confidence further, feeding back into his performance and provoking even more enthusiastic responses from the crowds. It's a glorious virtuous circle from which we all benefit - oh happy days!

Lee's band were also on great form, with the welcome return of newly-married Mike Bennett on lead guitar, and Niamh Perry was again Lee's special guest and an essential part of my personal highlight of the evening - a new duet, U2's 'One' - a song I knew but not well, which has been echoing through my head ever since. A wonderful arrangement, showing off Lee's rich, powerful voice to perfection.

As usual, I have detailed the full set-list on a separate page. But before you go checking those out, please pause and enjoy these wonderful photos - click any below to view the full Gallery - with huge thanks to Angela for allowing me to share them with you here. The final photo is mine - taken towards the end of a mammoth signing session conducted on the front steps of the Opera House after the show, reminiscent for many of the post-Joseph 'scrums' at the Adelphi!
Lee Mead Live - Buxton, Sep 2010 Lee Mead Live - Buxton, Sep 2010 Lee Mead Live - Buxton, Sep 2010 Lee Mead Live - Buxton, Sep 2010 Lee Mead Live - Buxton, Sep 2010 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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