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Christmas with Lee Mead .. 19 December 2010
Christmas with Lee Mead - London, Dec 2010 Lee's first solo gig in London was a special 'Christmas with Lee Mead' concert at the LONDON COLISEUM on Sunday 19 December, a seriously impressive venue for his London debut, looking especially festive with the set dressed for the English National Ballet's new production of the Nutcracker.

In the week leading up to the concert, with Lee and both his support acts, Niamh Perry and Rachel Tucker, all ill and off their respective shows, and with more heavy snow forecast, things weren't looking good. Thankfully, Lee and Rachel both recovered, and the snow couldn't keep them from getting to the concert (once the tour bus had been freed from the snow by the ingenious use of a towel beneath its wheels!). Sadly though, Niamh Perry, who has supported Lee on his UK tour this year, remained unwell and missed the big night, and some of the audience found themselves snowed in and unable to make the journey to London. Those who did were treated to an amazing evening's entertainment.

Backed by Lee's usual band, with the addition of a brass section, and a guest appearance on keyboards from Wicked's Musical Director, James Draisey, for one section of the show, the material included much of Lee's tour set - numbers from both his albums, a little musical theatre, a few standards and favourites (including a fantastic first performance of the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army') and, of course, some Christmas songs - the highlights are simply too numerous to mention.

Lee impressed as much with his easy manner with the audience, talking about his life, his career and his hopes for the future, as with his stunning vocals. The addition of the brass section added a depth to some of the numbers that really showcased his voice and his joy at performing on the same stage as musical greats like Frank Sinatra and Lisa Minelli was clear for all to see.

Click to see the full setlist, along with some audio downloads, and though I have no photos, there was a programme - click any below to view remaining pages.
Christmas with Lee Mead - London, Dec 2010 Christmas with Lee Mead - London, Dec 2010 Christmas with Lee Mead - London, Dec 2010 Christmas with Lee Mead - London, Dec 2010 Christmas with Lee Mead - London, Dec 2010 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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