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Nottingham Concert .. 23 February 2011
Lee Mead Live - Nottingham, Feb 2011 As we walked past the Royal Concert Hall on arrival in Nottingham at about 6pm, the last few lines of Anthem could be heard from the depths of the hall as Lee completed his sound-check ... just those few bars told us we were in for an amazing evening, and Lee certainly didn't disappoint!

On top form vocally, charming the audience with his warmth and humour, Lee was again supported by his wonderful band (with Louis Riccardi standing in for Mike on guitar) and the beautiful Laura Wright.

The mic gremlins had been left behind in Gateshead, although I note Lee ran on for the second half with the mic clasped firmly in his hand, not resting in the stand! Later, he called Carl Hudson (second keys) front and centre while he told everyone that Carl's 5 year old daughter was in the audience watching her Daddy for the first time - beaming smiles all round as they waved to her from the stage.

Over half-way through the most intensive week yet of his UK tour, with five dates in eight days, Lee goes from strength to strength - I know I'm far from alone in hoping the plans for a second tour towards the end of the year come to fruition, and if that's on the back of a third album release, all the better!

As usual, I include a the full setlist, along with a few extras I hope you'll enjoy, and finally a few photos - click any below to view full Gallery including the reverse of the flyer shown above.
Lee Mead Live - Nottingham, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Nottingham, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Nottingham, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Nottingham, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Nottingham, Feb 2011 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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