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Southampton Concert .. 6 February 2011
Lee Mead Live - Southampton, Feb 2011 With the cheers from his last Wicked performance as Fiyero still ringing in his ears, Lee took to the stage of the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton with a spring in his step that I feel had as much to do with the prospect of a couple of weeks off to spend with his beloved little girl, as it did with his joy of returning with his own show to a theatre he had played when in the UK tours of Joseph and Miss Saigon.

Occasionally you could hear the rawness of a voice that is long past due a rest, but that simply added to the intensity and power of a live performance that delivered on every level possible. Lee's ability to draw his audience in with warmth and humour, and occasionally rambling stories, then astound them with the raw energy of Jesus Christ Superstar, or the heart-felt emotion of Anthem, never ceases to amaze me. He was supported again on this occasion by the lovely Niamh Perry, and by his band - Duncan, Mike, Mason, Oroh and Carl, plus an as yet un-named three-man brass section.

I was delighted that Seven Nation Army and Dancing Through Life had retained their places on the setlist, though sorry not to hear Through the Barricades this time out. But it will come as no surprise to many there to hear that my personal highlight was without a doubt Kiss - Lee once again ventured into the audience for this, and bravely made his way along the narrow gap between stage and front row, stopping briefly to sing a few words straight at yours truly. I can only apologise that my reaction can be so clearly heard on the audio ... but in the circumstances I thought I was rather restrained!

Click for the full setlist, along with a few extras I hope you will enjoy. And finally, a few photos - my grateful thanks to Blue Topaz for the first and Diana for the rest - click any below to view the full Gallery, including the reverse of the flyer above.
Lee Mead Live - Southampton, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Southampton, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Southampton, Feb 2011 Lee Mead Live - Southampton, Feb 2011 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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