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Cardiff Concert .. 19 February 2012
Lee Mead 'Love Tour' - Cardiff, Feb 2012 The Love Tour reached Cardiff at the slightly unusual 5pm Sunday tea-time slot, but those who were there were treated to far richer fare than Bara Brith and Welsh cakes!

Lee, his band (including a first appearance this tour for George Hogg on trumpet), and guest Louise Dearman, were all in fine form and the set list, unchanged from previous concerts, is one I will never tire of.

As I've already reported, Lee's performance at his first concert just over a week earlier was superb, yet he somehow manages to raise his game still further with every concert - this was certainly true of Cardiff. The usual delightful mix of passion, heart-rending emotion, cheeky humour and relaxed banter with the audience was a joy to witness, and though there were no steps down, the stage was low enough for Mr Mead to hop off and go for a wonder during Any Dream Will Do!

My personal highlight is, as always, difficult to choose ... but the song I came out of the hall singing was At Or With Me. For me, Lee's cheeky delivery and boundless energy give the live version of this track a definite edge over the album version (which I also love), making it a surefire crowd pleaser.

Click for full setlist and band credits and please enjoy these fab photos shared by the lovely Abs - click any below to view full Gallery.
Lee Mead Love Tour - Cardiff, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Cardiff, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Cardiff, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Cardiff, Feb 2012 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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