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Liverpool Concert .. 24 February 2012
Lee Mead 'Love Tour' - Liverpool, Feb 2012 I have left my final two reports from the Love Tour far too long to be able to give you any meaningful account of the proceedings, but feel I should write something for the record. I remember Liverpool chiefly for a fabulous meal before the show and a large number of Cosmopolitans afterwards in the bar of our very nice hotel just across the road (which may explain the lack of detailed memories from the concert itself!) But suffice to say that the magic that is Meady was as evident in Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall as it had been in every venue that preceded it.

Backed by his brilliant band and supported once again by the lovely Louise Dearman (who earlier today, 25th March, enjoyed the first airplay on Radio 2 of the single from her new album - due out 7th May!), Lee performed his regular tour set with all the energy and emotion we have come to expect - he has a wonderful knack of combining the ease that comes from familiar material with the freshness of a first performance.

At one point Lee was given a lesson in local (and not so local) geography when he asked for suggestions of local towns he might visit on his next tour ... there was no shortage of suggestions from people eager to see him again. The way he switches from that easy banter to the passionate intensity of Gethsemane never fails to astound me - and I've lost count of the number of people I've heard questioning the Lord Lloyd Webber's sanity in resorting to a TV search for the next Jesus once they've heard Lee's performance of this iconic number.

Click for the full setlist with band credits and whilel I have no photos from the concert itself on this occasion, I include a few from the signing queue - click any below to view full Gallery.
Lee Mead Love Tour - Liverpool, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Liverpool, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Liverpool, Feb 2012 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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