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Manchester Concert .. 12 February 2012
Lee Mead 'Love Tour' - Manchester, Feb 2012 The Love Tour continues ... another night, another city ... this time Manchester, and the wonderful Bridgewater Hall. A beautiful concert venue, organ pipes souring behind the stage, this had a very different feel from the moment we walked into the auditorium.

The set however was the same, save for two songs dropped ... I hope simply to accommodate a Sunday evening curfew rather than for any other reason as they were both beautiful in Bournemouth! But the superb acoustics in the hall leant their own energy to the sound, giving a new quality to both quieter and more powerful numbers.

The venue also seemed to work its magic on Mr Mead, who took his incredible performance from the opening night in Bournemouth to an even higher level. Words like 'intense', 'powerful' and 'emotional' keep spinning through my head, but they don't tell the whole story - the evening was also brilliant fun. Lee has said of his album that the songs are not just love songs, but songs that HE loves - judging by the passion with which he performs them, the same is true of the whole tour set.

My personal highlights are many - but two perhaps just stand out from the rest: As Long As You're Mine - Louise's and Lee's voices blend beautifully and the intensity of their performance this time was stunning; and Gethsemane - in a word, mind-blowing!

Click for a full setlist and band credits ... and a few extras.

And finally, many thanks to Abs for once again sharing her gorgeous photos - click on any below to view full Gallery. Phill was once again on camera duty at the signing - another huge snaking queue, producing many happy, smiley people at the end of it!
Lee Mead Love Tour - Manchester, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Manchester, Feb 2012 Lee Mead Love Tour - Manchester, Feb 2012 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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