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Southend Concert .. 14 February 2012
Lee Mead 'Love Tour' - Southend, Feb 2012 The night Lee brought his Love Tour home to Southend was always going to be special and so it proved to be. He admitted to feeling more nervous than when he performed to 70,000 at Wembley Stadium in the Concert for Diana, but he didn't allow those nerves to get the better of him, instead using the energy they generated to give his home crowd a fantastic and memorable show.

The natural comedian in Lee was set free and there were some truly hilarious moments - my favourite of which has to be his reaction to someone's phone ringing during his first chat to the audience. Chatting to random audience members, spotting friends in the crowd and being completely unable to resist popping over to say hello, an impromptu 'happy birthday' sung to Rob 'Trumpet' on his last gig with the tour and a birthday shout out to 85 year old Dorothy in the audience, all gave the evening a really intimate vibe which I loved.

The set was unchanged from Manchester and Lee's performance likewise - powerful, emotional, engaging and funny - he really is a born entertainer. Louise Dearman continues to blow me away with her amazing voice - her album is out in May and with tracks like 'Squander' on it, I will definitely be buying it.

My personal highlight, for hilarity alone, has already been mentioned above but vocally ... I adore 'Better' and 'Fix You' and 'I Believe' but 'Gethsemane', which Lee says is his own favourite to sing live, is almost impossible to beat.

No photos this time, but click for a full setlist and band credits ... and a few extras.

Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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