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West End Men Gateshead Concert .. 20 November 2012
West End Men programme - Gateshead, Nov 2012 Real life intervened and stopped me from writing reports of this and the Leicester concert at a time when the memories were fresh in my mind. Many others have since recorded their thoughts, so I will limit mine to a few general impressions and one choice moment.

For me, this was probably the best of the three November concerts - hard to pinpoint exactly why, but the sound quality was excellent from the start, the vocals were incredible, the choreography pretty much as planned (or at least appeared to be!) and with the 'first-night nerves' of Glasgow out of the way, the obvious cameraderie between the three Men (and their lady) was very evident.

The venue is beautiful, inside and out, and holds very precious memories of an earlier Meady concert in fabulous company. On this occasion too, I was joined by a good friend I had not seen for too long, and many more of Lee's fans who I am also happy to call friends.

One lasting memory is the original 'Maria moment', when Stephen knelt to look deep into a certain lucky lady's eyes as he yearningly sang 'Maria' ... it cracked Ramin up, who stopped singing to ask "how did you know her name's Maria?", and went down so well with the audience that it was again incorporated into the show, more elaborately if with a little less spontaneity, in Leicester.

As usual, I include a full setlist and band credits.

My thanks to Phil Henderson for allowing me to share his beautiful photos, from both rehearsals and the concert itself, below and in the full Gallery which you can view by clicking on any pic - more examples of his craft from this and the other two November West End Men concerts can be found on his Flickr page. Thanks also to the lovely Abs for a final smile from the busy Stage Door post-show.
West End Men - Gateshead, Nov 2012 West End Men - Gateshead, Nov 2012 West End Men - Gateshead, Nov 2012 West End Men - Gateshead, Nov 2012 West End Men - Gateshead, Nov 2012 West End Men - Gateshead, Nov 2012 From left: Tommy Emmerton, Lee, Jo Nichols, Stephen, Will Stuart, Ashleigh, Ramin, Toby Drummond and Howard McGill.

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