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West End Men Leicester Concert .. 23 November 2012
West End Men programme - Leicester, Nov 2012 Leicester's De Montfort Hall is another venue familiar to Lee fans from his solo concert there in February 2011 and many chose to return there for the final show of the West End Men's November tour. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the hall and that was mirrored on stage, with the Men in exuberant form for this finale.

While the choreography may not have been quite as slick as in Gateshead, the show remained dynamic, powerful and immensely entertaining. There was a huge amount of fun - a few stories we hadn't heard before, a few moves we definitely hadn't seen, and the voices... the voices were as stunning as ever.

Time to thank the supremely talented band - musical director, Will Stuart, on piano, Tommy Emmerton on guitar, Jo Nichols on bass guitar/double bass, Toby Drummond on drums and Howard McGill on flute/saxophone.

Credit also to director, Mitch Sebastian, musical supervisor, David White, and last but not least to producers, James Milton, Paul Morrissey and Jason Haigh-Ellery, all of whose imagination and hard work brought this wonderful show to life.

Here's to news of more dates very soon ... pretty please!

As always, there's a full set-list and I've also included scans of the programme - click the cover image to view - and finally, a few show photos from me and, with huge thanks, from Phill Cowndley - click on any below to view the full Gallery:
West End Men - Leicester, Nov 2012 West End Men - Leicester, Nov 2012 West End Men - Leicester, Nov 2012 West End Men - Leicester, Nov 2012 Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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