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Salvation Army Christmas Concert .. 25 November 2013
Salvation Army Christmas Concert - London, Nov 2013 Lee was a special guest at the hugely popular annual Salvation Army Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 25 November, a wonderful start to the festive season and an unexpected bonus in a year where there was no time in Lee's busy schedule for a solo Christmas concert.

I've always wanted to sing carols in the Royal Albert Hall and the reality more than lived up to my high expectations - the Regent Hall Band and thousands of voices raised in song made a glorious sound. There were readings from Brian Turner and Hannah Gordon, performances from the International Staff Songsters (who Lee will again be joining as a guest at their Choral Spectacular on 5 April), the Regent Hall Band and from fellow guests Takasa.

The performance that had drawn me there (apart from the carols, of course!) came late in the programme but the wait was both immensely enjoyable and richly rewarded. The rustles and murmurs stilled to total silence as a single chord from the piano died away and a clear voice sang "To love another person is to see the face of God...". The simple arrangement of 'Bring Him Home', accompanied only by piano, was perfect, Lee's voice soaring to fill that beautiful space. Exquisite. He followed that up with a little Elvis, as you do... 'Blue Christmas'!

In this lovely video from rehearsals, Salvation Army News catches up with Lee back stage to hear what his participation in the show means to him - it also shows some tantalising footage of him rehearsing...

While this shows Lee's simply sublime concert performance of Bring Him Home in full... enjoy!

And finally, huge thanks to the lovely Abs, who capture Lee's Blue Christmas from our seats in the choir by filming the back of the big screen - with a little light editing, I've flipped the image to give us a Stalls view!

Lee's full concert schedule (including past appearances) can be found at - CONCERT DATES

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