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Rachel Tucker : On The Road .. 5 June 2017
This report is three years late - I can only apologise - and as a consequence rather briefer than a contemporary account might have been! But on the eve of its third anniversary, I finally put fingers to keyboard.

Back in 2017, Rachel Tucker released her wonderful On The Road album, which to our delight included a duet with Lee of the beautifully lyrical You Matter To Me from Waitress the Musical. To accompany it, she announced her first solo tour - and a handful of warm-up gigs at Live at Zedel in the heart of London (think Pheasantry but about half the size!).

Lee Mead and Rachel Tucker - Jun 2017 I went to one of those warm-up gigs and enjoyed it so much that I booked one of the return dates to the venue towards the end of the tour in June... it crossed my mind that Mr M might might pop up somewhere on the tour, but with three London dates and a couple of other venues in easy reach, I figured the chances of it being the night I chose were slim. Some things, however, are just meant to be...

It was a fantastic show, performed with great warmth, irreverent humour and a totally infectious energy, and really showcasing Rachel's amazing voice, as does the album from which much of her set was drawn. Coincidentally the extended version of On The Road, only available digitally until now, is being released on CD shortly (available to pre-order now). Click the pic for another backstage shot...

Inviting Lee to join her for their first (and I think only!) live performance of You Matter To Me, Rachel confessed they'd rehearsed earlier in the day via Facetime! Their nerves were betrayed by the exaggerated 'phew' both gave as Lee re-took his seat afterwards, but not in their performance, which was just beautiful. Lee joined her again in the second half for another duet, one they were rather more used to singing together, though it had been a few years... As Long As You're Mine.
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Published: 04/06/2020
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