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Songs at the Civic rehearsal - Instagram LIVE .. 29 June 2020
Early in lockdown, Lee took to his car for a series of 'live from the drive' A Carppella sessions, which were hugely popular with his fans. Later in the year, he was able to secure the use of the empty Civic Theatre in Chelmsford to record some more music from its stage. Accompanied this time by his musical director Adam Dennis on piano, with sound man Andy Johnson in attendance, and good friend and frequent musical guest at his past concerts Stephen Rahman-Hughes along to keep him company for this rehearsal session (and sing a number of his own!) but also lined up to record and edit once they were ready to roll, these sessions were to be on an altogether more professional footing, though not without the laughter that was so plentiful during A Carppella.

This rehearsal on 29 June, streamed live on Instagram, had its fair share of technical issues - loss of sound at various points and a freezing stream - but the music, as always, was sublime. Unfortunately, the techie gremlins meant Lee was unable to save it to his Instagram feed, but I recorded a back-up which I share here, complete with the live comments that accompanied it.

The intention was to record a few weeks later and share soon after that, but as so often happens, timings changed a little and they did not return to record until September, sharing the videos in five episodes over the weeks that followed.

Lee's full concert and events schedule (including past events) is at CONCERT & LIVE EVENTS.

Published: 09/01/2022
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