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TOG Chorus .. 17 September 2009
TOG Chorus programme Lee and Hayley Westenra shared a stage once again, this time for a unique recording for Children in Need, organised by the TOGs (Terry's Old Gals and Geezers - follow the links below if you're still in the dark!).

The setting was the grounds of the magnificent Longleat House, the song was 'We All Stand Together', better known perhaps as 'The Frog Chorus', and with Lee and Hayley providing lead vocals, the TOGs (and a significant number of non-TOG Lee fans!) provided the chorus.

The recording features on the Bandaged TOGether album, released on 9 November, the proceeds of which went to the BBC Children in Need appeal. More information can be found on the Bandaged Together and Charity Goods websites.

In addition to the charity recording, Lee entertained the crowd with two songs from his second album - title track 'Nothing Else Matters' and a first live performance for his co-written 'Breathe You Out'.
The event featured in a local news report on Points West which you can download (lo res) and from which I'm also made a few screencaps.

Finally, there are many beautiful photographs from this day - I offer just a few of my own - click on any below to view the full gallery.
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