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Sparks Will Fly .. 6 July 2012
Sparks Will Fly banner - Chelmsford, Jul 2012 Lee was proud to return to Essex to take part in the Chelmsford Olympic Torch Relay event - Sparks Will Fly - in Hylands Park on Friday 6 July. He performed a new song - 'Gold', written for the event by David Stanley, during a section of the show called 'Essex Greats', specially commissioned by Chelmsford Council to celebrate the immense talent of local people.

Lee's performance was part of a spectacular section featuring local athletes Dance & Cheer 49, Radical Bikes, Kinetix and Chelmsford's Sports Ambassadors - potential Olympians of the future. Audiences were entertained by a fast moving display of basketball moves, cheerleading, extreme biking and free gymnastics performed to a throbbing new soundtrack.

A few of Lee's fans were lucky enough to be there (the event was free, but there was a huge demand for tickets) and Anne Stern has kindly shared her video of Lee's performance together with a few photos - click any below to view the full Gallery.
Sparks Will Fly - Chelmsford, Jul 2012 Sparks Will Fly - Chelmsford, Jul 2012 Sparks Will Fly - Chelmsford, Jul 2012

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