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BBC Radio Berkshire .. 6 February 2018
I'll always remember Phil Kennedy's first interview with Lee back in November 2007, when his opening gambit was to ask Lee how big he was so he could calculate how much wrapping paper he'd need when he wrapped him for his wife for Christmas! When the laughter faded, a lovely, relaxed interview followed.

Today's interview on Phil's drivetime show for BBC Radio Berkshire was similarly relaxed, with Lee talking about his forthcoming 10 Years album and tour and the ten years since he first won and played the role of Joseph that they both celebrate.

There are only a handful of tickets left for the tour opener in Newbury, but if you've missed out on this one, there's another local-ish opportunity later in the tour when Lee comes to Winchester on 30 September.

The interview played in two parts, but the first part was repeated at the beginning of the second, so the edit below has clipped that out.
Published: 06/02/2018
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